Friday, December 11, 2009

Follow Up

Bentley's follow up went really good this afternoon...they figure it was just a "freak" thing where they must have accidently hit an artery, and then it didn't decide to bleed till several hours later. Of course we're still waiting for blood work results from MN, but they wont be back until next week. At least they're expected to come back normal! :) Whew, what a scare!

It's going to be kind of a fun weekend... Chase flew in today to be with Sarah...Grandma and Grandpa B are going to be there tomorrow...Grandpa, daddy, and uncle dale are going to a Griz game tomorrow ...and Grandma is going to hang out here with the grandsons! Sunday is special meeting, and sunday evening we have our worker visit with Eldon Coles. So...we better get caught up on sofme sleep to enjoy this fun weekend. But before that, we're hittin a potluck for some good food and comapny :) happy weekend everyone!


Mariah said...

Good to hear some good news!

Neisha said...

what a relief it was nothing too serious. scary though