Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Fun Fun Fun

What a big boy...walking with Auntie Beans!

We hung out on the Clark Fork River on a hot, hot, hot day! Coy's toes immedeatly curled up and he let out a holler when his toes touched the hung out 3 feet above the water after that. We were there until, no joke, we had to leave because the cops/CSI were taking out a body there. Freaky! Turned out to be a fisherman from out of state that drowned. It was creepy though, I thought. But Sarah was intreged and wanted to see the body..eww.

Workin on a little tan...what a cute beach bum!

So he sat in a turtle pool after having to leave the river


I got really sweet "Welcome Home" roses from my sweet boys! :)

I love watching daddy and Coy..they are so silly!

Could we get ANY happier? hehe

We (i really mean just Coy...not me) are naked most of the time, since we still don't have central air (oh well). He's happy that way..and I am too because I dont have to struggle with the fight getting him dressed.

After Farmers Market on saturday, we headed over to Manhatten convention for a few meetings. On the way there, we just so happened to be on the road next to Logan's aunt and uncle from WA who were headed to MN, so we stopped in Butte and had supper together...which was nice because it was the first time I had met some of them. We stayed the night with Todd, Kay and little Aiden (17 mos) Kitto. It was fun to see the little boys together, they're going to be great buddies some day, just like their daddies! We watched the fireworks from their yard, then woke up bright and early (thanks COY! argh) Sunday morning and had 2 really nice meetings at convention again. Sunday before we headed back, we had an entertaining supper with Hugh and Carmen.
Now today, Coy has a 9 month appt, we HAVE OUR ULTRASOUND! Any guesses....boy or girl?


Ben, Heather & kids said...

hmm.. I'll guess another boy!

Carmen said...

So I guessed on Facebook and I will here too. Still guessing a boy!!!

Amber said...

boy :D