Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wow, what an amazing weekend! Friday afternoon, Logan and I dropped Coy off at Gramma Mary's house....and LEFT! (with a helper for farmers market to get up early, instead of us. hehe) Coy stayed overnight with her, being perfectly happy the whole time, while his Mommy and Daddy took a little sweet vacation! :) We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast near Seeley Lake Friday night, which was really relaxing. Our first stop on the way there, was to one of the many lakes nearby. It was nice and sunny, so we sat on the beach a little bit, watching all the families splash and play. Of course, that's when I started missing Coy really bad...and we had only been gone for an hour! (We knew he was happy and in good hands though, so we had to get over it quick.) For supper we went out for steak at the Hungry Bear, then went to Holland Lake for a romantic canoe ride at sunset. It was so amazing...quiet (except for the jetskis) and beautiful. And of course, I brought our nice camera...but no card! So, there are no pictures on file to share...we just took some pretty perfect mental pictures. We then got hot chocolate and walked along the rocky shore, enjoying the last bit of light, and our drinks..with LOTS of whipped cream! yumm! In the morning we had a delicious breakfast. The best part?...we didn't have to make it, or clean up! ;) After sleeping in, a leisure breakfast and a tour (the owners also have a darkroom, formulary, and classes there) we headed back into Seeley Lake for a walk thru the giftshops, a burger, and an icecream cone! Lucky for us, Harpers Lake is on the way home to Mary's, so we stopped there for a quick dip to cool off from the 95+ degree weather. Once back to Mary's, I couldn't wait to see Coy!!! He was sooo happy, playing outside with kids and friends, and Im pretty sure he didn't even miss us! Adrian, Anna, Logan and I then took a trip down the Blackfoot River...ahhhh. What a great way to slow down your day! The water was cold of course...just ask Logan. He spent a little time overboard....hahahahahah! Poor guy. Darn rapids. :) We couldn't have asked for a better summer weekend! It's just what we needed, to just relax, and go with the flow (and get lots of sun too, ouch!) Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

These are some pictures from Holland Lake the summer of 2006 when we were dating.

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