Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flight to Phoenix

Well, the flight to Phoenix never happened.
When I bought my ticket online, I have no idea how...but the page must have re-set, so I bought a ticket to VEGAS. So this afternoon, I was on a plane to VEGAS!!!! (fortunately still on the runway). I got off a few seconds before the plane closed, from hearing odd murmerings of VEGAS,.. NOT Phoenix. So...my luggage, which did NOT make it off the plane in time, is in VEGAS. In that, includes the only few of my clothes that still fit. So you can imagine, this happeneing, and being pregnant!! This was not only frusterating...it was DEVASTING! I got off the plane...called Logan to come get me, and CRIED!! I was supposed to be with my sister in a few hours!!

Theres more...but instead of upsetting myself again...I'll just tell you that I have another flight to PHOENIX tomorrow, and should be able to pick up my luggage near there on Thursday. Sigh.


Melissa said...

Oh No!!!!! Sorry it didn't work out for you, how frustrating! Good luck!

Amber said...

You poor thing...I'm glad you found another flight! That's the thing about buying over a computer, you never really know what you're going to end up with. Glad you made it off before Vegas:)

Justin and Susie said...

Oh Lissa...that's terrible! I hope you made it safe today. Let me know when you can. Think of you often. It's beautiful out today, and it reminded me of the day we were eating red hots in your car, and driving with our tongues out the window! haha. Love you!!