Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Confessions of a Pregnant Wife

I dropped my peanut butter toast upside down. I cried.
Forgot to mail the Qwest bill. I cried.
Shut my skirt in the door. I cried.
I saw a comedy. I cried.
I had to wait a few extra minutes longer. I cried.
Ran out of creamy, so had to use chunky peanut butter. I cried.

I felt our baby move for the first time! I smiled.
Then I cried.


Anonymous said...

I love you... I miss you... Hang in there.. the best is yet to come!

Melissa said...

Hehehehe, that made me smile! Sounds like you're right on track!!

Nachtigal said...

I almost cried reading that. The crying doesn't stop (at least it hasn't for me). I was the girl who never cried and for the past year and half I'm always crying about something. Being a mother is very emotional. I'm excited for you about the baby moving. It is such an amazing feeling. Enjoy every minute ( I know you are)!!! You two will be holding your beautiful baby soon.

Amber said...

I've just started the crying recently...it's so hard to control!

Lindsay said...

hahahahaha! hormones!
(love you...)

Ashley said...

Awww, E! We love you. I remember crying when we went to dinner one night b/c the restaurant forgot to put my hot sauce on my burger! Matt laughed and I left and went next door and got ice cream leaving him at the restaurant. I look at it now and laugh, but was I mad! :) Welcome to Motherhood. That fun is yet to come. :) Hugs!

Alison said...

Great Post Elissa! I think this is something that most every pregnant woman can relate too! Thanks for putting it in words and making up all remember and laugh about it.

Please don't cry because I said I'm laughing... It's okay... *Wink*

Heather T said...

Awww...those crazy hormones!:-) I haven't started the crying phase yet, but I didn't have that with Logan except for twice after he was born, so maybe I will get lucky again! We think of you! Thanks for the smiles...:-)

Lindsay said...

yeah, real doctor? in arizona? they don't seem to believe in real dr's here, along with many other things, including decent checkouts and cart corrals... can you tell we were just out? we went to target, they are MUCH better than walmart. i put our cart in the corral and walked away; kelvin started laughing and pointing- seems the cart had other ideas...it turned itself around and went toodling off across the parking lot... don't cry!