Saturday, February 7, 2015

This weeks adventures were all around the kitchen, in the yard, and by the creek. It was a very beautiful week, with temps in the 50's and it's supposed to continue to be that warm this week too.

Last wknd at 13 weeks.

Teaching him to change diapers..his model was extremely cooperative.

They love finding smooth sheets of ice and eating it. 

This was peanut at 13weeks and 3 days. Today I am 14 weeks!

Big bro so kindly and patiently helping little bro with his letters. This makes my heart flutter! 

Kase went on his first sleepover! Logan and the two older boys went cross-state for a few days for a Great aunt Ruth's funeral. Kase felt so sad not being a me to go, so nick and Beth invited him over for a sleepover! 

So that means I had this little bug all to myself! 💕

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Sandy said...

Thanks for lots of looks at those boys! :) Keep up the good work!