Monday, February 16, 2015

Last weeks warm weather again brought us outside a lot. And then this weekend we headed for kalispell for a nice weekend on the farm where we enjoyed snow, piggies, early birthday cake for Reid and special time with Grandma and Papa. 

This was an early morning misty mountian view. How I have only lived here for 9 years but have the mountains so deeply in my blood, I will never understand! 

Reading Henry David Thoreau in the woods. Fitting. :) 

Grandma K sent an awesome valentine...with a kit for making more valentines! The kids had fun sewing hearts, as well as myself!!

Just before you get to St.Ignatious, you come up this hill on 93 and then the mountains just explode Into view and it takes my breath away. Every. Single. Time.

This week we anticipate more warm weather, the science museum, more woods time, maybe a hike and Della Williams funeral. Since the grizzly bears in Glacier have already woken up, we can assume that spring is here and we will have lots more sunshine and mud to play in! Cheers, folks!

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Sandy said...

Oh those Mission Mtns get ME every time too & I live in the middle of them this year!