Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Life with 3 little boys now is well, umm...both awesome and very tiring! These pictures are from my iphone and all on facebook, but i have a very special mom and aunties who dont get to see them there. 

So here are a few from the past week and a half :)

1 week old

3 years old now! And an excellant Strider rider!

1.5 weeks

Loving big bro, adjusting from being lil bro.

2 weeks old!

Pizza Hut with cousin Ryla, who is 1.5 months older then Kase.

And now 16 days old. Our little love bug, Kase :)


NanaK said...

your boys are adorable, Elissa! and, Kase is a beautiful baby!

Anna said...

I LOVE the most recent photo fo Kase in a cloth diaper ~ that just looks soooo cozy! GOOD FOR YOU, ELISSA!!! Don't forget, you are an amazing mommy even though the little ones don't tell you very often!