Wednesday, October 5, 2011


That would be "THREE", actually, but coming from the mouth of the actual 3 year old...this is how we say it :)

On Sunday, Coy turned 3 years old!
I can't believe how fast he has gone from a tiny baby, to being 3!
He's filled with questions, curiosity, generosity, love, wonder and mischeif.
We love having this "big puppy" 3 year old in our lives everyday, making us laugh and challenging us for the better!

We had a little celebration with Grandma & Grandpa Braaten, Gramma Mary and Adrain & Anna!
And Elmo was invited too :)

What fun it was to have a fun afternoon with cousins!

Bentley and baby Kase got lots of love and attention, too!

Of course, it wouldn't be a celebration without a set of grandparents there!
Janette came down Wednesday and stayed until Sunday, generously helping out with the boys and keeping them satisfied and busy while Kase and Mommy got rest and into a little routine. It's a shame we all didn't live a little closer...I could use her more often ;)


The Papendorfs said...

happy birthday to Coy! love your pictures :)

Heather S said...

'free' is a fun age. now were passed that.. onto four. :( time goes by too fast. happy birthday Coy!