Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's JUNE?

Not only is it JUNE, but it's already half over, too!! Wow!

Mom and Dad came out last week, and we LOVED our time with them! Unfortunately, my camera was not on my priority list as it should have been, so we have no pictures! :(  They came Sunday (the 5th) evening, and stayed through convention. Which...was absolutely wonderful, by the way :)

Then Uncle Ted came to the end of the weekend of Ronan, and became the center of Coy's little world. Everything is about "unka ted" most of the time now.

Coy & Bentley really miss their family! (we do too!!)

Today at the bank drive thru, Coy told me he needed to "find unka Ted". He also likes Ted because "he is nice to me", he says.

 Yesterday Coy was looking thru some photo albums and came across a picture of my Dad and said "That man is my friend!".

Tuesday morning (day after everyone left) Coy woke up in my bed and immedeatly asked where Grandma was!

We are counting the weeks until we get to see them again in August!


Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

:)Nothing so special as time with Grandparents!

Elissa & Logan said...

Agreed! I think the grandparents can say the same thing about spending time with grandkids too! :)