Monday, February 28, 2011

In case you've forgotten what my children look are some new pictures I snapped this morning. SO they are as up-to-date as they possibly can be!

The kids have been as busy as they can be!!

 "Busy" is defined as playing, reading, running around like crazies, and of course whining, crying and fighting!

 There is no denying in this house that we are going a bit crazy, so we cannot wait until it warms up enough to run some of this energy off outside!!

My goal this spring is to get out and spend more time with my three local mommy friends who also have kids the boys can play with. I am such a home-body, but hope to make a bigger effort to change our scenery at least once a week!

Bentley is working on some eye teeth, so it's been a challenge keeping him comfortable while they come in. One's poking through today, bleeding a little :(

 He's also done nursing. For the last 2 months he's only been nursing morning and night, and the past week or so he's been more interested in touching my face and giggling rather then actual nursing. So I tried not nursing one night, worried that he'd eventually get lonesome for me, but he did just fine! It's emotional for me, him not needing me for breastfeeding anymore, but I know that I gave him my best for 15 months! And I loved all 15 months of it! He's a "big boy" now, I guess.

"Big boy" is saying a few new words!!
shawa (auntie sarah)
peeesss (please)
haa (hot)

As for the "even bigger boy" - he's showing us how creative, kind, yet bull-headed he can be! He loves to play with cowboy hats, my boots and his rocking horse. Just this morning he was giving his horse a "wash down" (thomas the tank engine term for a bath) with a wipe. His horse also has a band-aid on his ear...cause he got hurt. Somehow. On his ear. Poor horse.

He was playing meeting the other day and wanted FOOD to play meeting with...for the emblems, ya know.
His imagination is going wild. So is his little human nature too! I am beginning to just roll my eyes when i hear screams from the next room, or when he throws a tantrum when we say "no". But I must say, he still makes me smile and very happy, dispite his naughtiness. Don't think that he's the only naughty one in this house takes two to tango...!

By the way, WHERE IS SPRING? I know it's not even March yet, but still....!


Unknown said...

they are just so stinking cute!

is it me or is Bentley look a bit like Cole? I know they are cousins, but still!!

Hope to see you soon!
Spring-I have been begging it to come for that past 4 months?? ;]

We got a BIG rain shower-so, maybe it is now "march showers, bring april flowers"

love you!

Alison said...

This was so cute to catch up on your boys. I love it when my kids first played meeting-so cute. And yes, they can be so naughty at times. :) Boys will be boys... Glad for the update!