Friday, December 3, 2010


Bentley shuts his finger in the cupboard door. He speed-crawls towards mommy, half crying, half screaming. He lifts his hands up towards me and I bend down to pick him up. He cries, but stops when he reaches my chest and snuggles in. I think that his soft skin and whispy hair is more comforting to me, then my arms are for him.

In 10 years, will I remember the sentiment of such great love? Will I remember the smell of baby Bentley...and that he's the only one on this Earth that smells like that? And that my heart is so full I might explode? Will I remember that I hear "Hello World" by Lady Antebelum being played quietly from my iTunes?



tjp said...

This is the beauty of the power of journaling/blogging...because, try as I may, it is hard for me to exactly remember my kids as babies. They just grow and change so subtly every day and it's hard to go back to a specific point in time. Pictures & videos help, too. : )

Paige's Parents said...

Yeah we found a little video clip of Paige from not even two years ago and I had already forgotten about some of her expressions and how she looked. So fun!
By the way, I LOVE your blog, you do a great job - it is so cute and fun to keep up with your adorable little family.

Elissa & Logan said...

Yes, this invention of video and blogging is great! And yes, they change so fast that we almost dont notice it at the time! Then all of a sudden it's like "what happened?"
Thanks Brenda :) Im glad someone else besides our parents and aunts and read this :)
same with yours...but you could probably stand to post a few more pictures of paige (& your belly).. ;) haha.