Friday, December 3, 2010

Now that baby is 1 years old....he's sure not really a baby anymore!

He IS small (18.5 lbs, less the 1%tile) but his pediatrician is not worried at all yet because he's eating great and developing amazingly well! (He's just like his cousin, Madison, really "petite")

She said, just from watching the boys play during out appt, that he's rather advanced in his "trouble making abilities"! WHO KNEW?! Well, for one, I DID!! She claims it comes from having an older brother, very close in age. Great, just great. ;)

Bentley is now walking, walking, walking! He took a few feeble steps on his birthday, then more steps on Thanksgiving day. And now, he's all over the place. It's so hard to get used to.... He comes walking around the corner and I think "Coy sure looks small today!" Then WAIT...its BENTLEY! Haha, sure throws me for a loop most days!

Our bookworms occasionally agree on the same book. Ocassionally.

We went and made Lefse with our neighbor, Jerrian, and we enjoyed them warm with butter and freshly made huckleberry jam. Definatley something to be happy about...just ask Bentley :)

Bentleys bit through his lip yesterday :(
Logan threw up yesterday.
I burnt my fingers yesterday.
Coy threw up yesterday.
I ran out of Lysol...very untimely, yesterday.
Yesterday wasn't the best day ever.
Bummer, huh?


Ben, Heather and kids said...

LOVE the lil Frankenstien walk :)
hope your house is feeling better soon. we've had our share of throwing up in this house this past month :(

Anna said...

sooo cute!! Aaron will be right behind him with the walking! Vinegar is a perfect disinfectant when you're out of Lysol! It's all I use now! Glad your bad day is over! :)

Elissa & Logan said...

haha, that frankenstein walk is pretty funny :)
Wow! I shouldn't really be surprised that Aaron's almost walking though!
Ah, vinegar...good to know. Lucky I borrowed some from our neighbor. Phew, glad that's over with! However, yesterday we came down with a NEW sickness! Will it end? Bentley is the only one that has stayed well!