Monday, June 21, 2010

I tell Logan he's a good singer (haha), is the grill master (he totally doesn't grill...I DO), and that he's the best daddy ever (this part is soooo true!)

It was a happy fathers day indeed yesterday!

We stayed at Joan and Lyle's (our elders) for lunch like we usually do on Sundays, except since it's joans birthday today, she didn't have to cook one single thing! :) i made green bean casserole and brought french loaves, mary made pot roast and sr.cream chocolate cake (sooo yumm) and marlene brought jello salad and cabbage and onions. It was delicious for sure!

After lunch, we drove to Anaconda, where we got to not only celebrate fathers day, but JACI'S 2nd BIRTHDAY with Adrian and Anna and the kids! The company is fun, and the kids get to play together. And...i just LOVE seeing little Aaron's smile...which aren't hard to come by at all ;)

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