Thursday, January 28, 2010

what's your temp?

Let me just start off by saying, it was SO hard picking out just a FEW pictures from this week. There have been so many sweet smile and cute things the boys have done

So THIS is what fresh air does to ya... :) The boys and I bundled up and walked to the post office the other day, and Coy walked by himself the whole way! Benters rode up high of course.

Yup, that's a phone AND a thermometer we're talkin on today! We know how interesting a conversation on the phone can be...and only to a toddler can a high piched BEEP be just as fun..

I had to get a little bouncer for Bentley so that I could put him somewhere where his big bro could NOT TOUCH HIM! Here he looks happy on the table, untouchable.

There's that thermometer again

I must check it out, theres got to be something about it way more interesting then anything I play with...


Lindsay said...

sweet!! LOVE the last photo... like coy's teaching bentley the secret of life and benters is just absorbing it all- made me giggle out loud! those two are going to be peas in a pod :)
oh, and cole says "baby cousin" whenever he sees photos coy and benters!!

Ellen said...

We love the pictures - thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop. We miss you guys so much & are glad the boys are bringing you so much joy! Hugs & Kisses!

BrooklynMichiri said...

ahhh :] girlie adorable. hope i get to see them soon! at this rate, i think wisconsin will be my home this summer!!