Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold December, Warm Hearts

Here are pictures mostly from Christmas, along with a few others.

Coy found a good hiding place. Now if he could only get a flashlight, toys, and get the door shut...just kidding.

He's still being a good big brother. He likes to have chats with Bentley when he's in the swing, like in this picture. In this picture, however, Benters isn't buying the story. Im kind of worried that the swing will collapse someday...uh oh.

Christmas was wonderful this year! Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary and Uncle Dale flew in Christmas eve, and we went up to Mary's for Christmas dinner on Friday. We had a lot of fun playing games with cousins and eating super good food. All was nice, except me getting mastitis for the second time since Bentley was born. So, I had to call my poor midwife who was trying to enjoy Christmas morning, and run in and get antibiotics. Saturday us ladies went to the mall scouting out the after christmas deals, then ended up at Mary's again playing more games. Mom and Dad stayed for a week, and man, the boys got spoiled! :)
(Uncle Dale and Bentley)
(Just had to add this one rugged...)
(Mom and littleist grandbaby)

Grandpa shared his boots with Coy! They were a teensy bit big, but that didn't stop Coy from trying to walk in them. Grandma again getting cuddles in with Benters. Next time they get to see eachother, he'll be much bigger I'm sure! Pictures can't satisfy though, so I'm so glad that they got to see him when he was so tiny yet.
Dude, Coy thinks Grandpa is the best! Dad got him a "house", which he loves....especially with Grandpa IN it! There's a cool opening in the top, good for peeking out of...or in this case, catapulting out of. Boys (no matter the age)...sigh ;)

And, these last pictures conclude Mom and Dad's visit. It was so hard to see them go through security and up to their gate...but I suppose that it won't be long (hopefully) before they will get to see us coming thu their front door. Thanks SO incredibly much for a fun, relaxing, nice visit mom and dad!


Janette said...

Fun to see pictures of your folk's visit....great people to share grandkids with!!

Sandy said...

I'll vouch for how nice of a Christmas-time it was! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, 'Liss!

Lindsay said...

how fun!! wish we could see you guys... and for the record, that photo of logan rocks! WAAAAY funny :)
miss you guys <3

Elissa & Logan said...

Yes it WAS a great time! Im glad we got to see you Sandy. And Janette, mom and dad can say the same thing!
Lindsay, hoepfully we can see you soooon! :)

TruffleLady said...

Belladonna, a homeopathic cure, always cures a breast infection for me in very short order....have you tried it yet?