Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Birthday Boy

In my frequent absence from blogland, I haven't posted pictures from Coy's party yet, but it's a Sunday afternoon, we've had our naps and it's not yet supper time, so nows the perfect time!
We had Coy's 1st birthday party on Oct 3rd, up at Gramma Marys house....and it was sooo fun!! We had family and close friends over and had playtime (visit time for adults), supper, cake and present opening. Coy did really really good especially for not having a nap at all that day.

And another good part? Auntie Sarah was here too!! She flew in for the weekend to play with Coy and start thinking about her move out here at the end of this month!! Were so excited to be getting her! She's going to live with us, and hopes to find a job soon! :)

When we set the cake in front of him, he immediately spied the tractor and said "Ooooo!"
Didn't care much for the cake, the frosting and tractor were the best part!

Sharing new toys and getting help from cousins was a good part of the day too!


Lindsay said...

coy is SO cute- i have the sweetest nephew ever! oh, and those blue bear pj's look familiar... :)
miss you guys, love you tons! <3

Shane, Deanna, and Eli said...

Happy Birthday Coy! Hard to believe a year has gone by, huh?? Oh, and I totally feel your pain waiting for baby...yesterday I started thinking, "it feels like i've been pregnant a long time already." then i did the math and realized i only have 24 more weeks to go...yikes!