Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Snow

Friday, Oct 9th, we got our first snow...and some of it's still here! Also, Saturday, with the windchill was EIGHT degrees! It's warming up, and supposed to be back to 50 by end of this week...but I have to say...Im NOT READY for winter this year! I can also say that I will be making a lot less useless trips into town with two babies and all the cold and snow! (not to mention the half hour drive there too)

But Coy was pretty interested in all that white stuff! He might enjoy playing in it this year! :)

We also had our 34 week appt with Jeanne yesterday, at the NEW Birth Center! It's going to be amazing! Can't wait to "use" it! Everything is still looking good, of course, and at our next appt in 2 weeks, we start checking for dilation! Has this gone by fast or what????


Heather S said...

wow! 34 wks already?! won't be long now! :)

Justin and Susie said...

much faster than last time huh? :)