Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hiking Blue Mtn.

This has been happening when I try to change him...argh. Zoom... (NO, this little rump is not what I was referring to when I say Blue Mtn..haha)

Does he look like he's getting into mischeif? :)

Sierra McClain and I went hiking up Blue Mountain yesterday morning. Luckily, it wasn't hot, but it WAS really really windy! The first 1/4 mile of the trail is really "vigerous" (to us anyway) but then the rest of it was nice and a slow steady incline. I had Coy on my back in a carrier from Ste & Sarah, which worked out really nice. He was so good for most of the way. He started getting fussy on the way home, as the wind was directly in our faces then. We were hiking for a little over an hour and a half i'd say...and it felt sooo good! Of course not this morning when my legs nearly collapsed when I got outta bed.....
I know, im a wus...haha


Janette said...

Glad you are turning our little grandson into a hiker - we can't wait until he can join us sometime!

Lindsay said...

cute! i love the way coy's contemplating a chomp or two on the pack handle... what a goof! you're lucky- if i took madi in a backpack, i'd have spit-up ALL over. yumm. oh, and no "many cows" or "banana slug"... it was fun anyway! i know blogs are public... i can't go private because there are some people who keep up on it that don't have google accounts... tell ya about it sometime! love ya! :)

Ellen said...

I'm impressed - you're a Super Mom!

Elissa & Logan said... wouldn't have said that once you've seen me when we were done! It was good excersize though, and sure made me sleep good! :)