Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Day

Well, today we started moving! We have until the 30th, but seems that we will NEVER get everything out! Auntie Mary helped wipe out cabinets (there are more in that place then in my kitcneh...didn't know that was possible!) and the bathrooms. We moved what was in the horse trailer into the house, and now we have more boxes to do the same tomorrow! Phew! What does Coy think of it? Who knows, but the carpet (which is way different from our wood floors..) left rug burns on his chubby little knees! He doesn't seem to anyway!

We have a snorting nose crinkler! It's his "I am so goofy" laugh...

He LOVE playing with tractors and trucks! He's truly his daddy's son!

Oh, and Gramma Mary taught him how to CLAP! He was so proud of himself! Of course we were too...dont we have the cutest kid? (As says every parent..hehe)

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Lindsay said...

yes, you have the cutest kid!! and i have the cutest nephew! cole started crawling on carpeting and then when we moved back home where we have only hardwood, he was slipping all over... it was rather funny. wish we were there to help you move- thinking about you! :)