Sunday, April 26, 2009

More spring fun...

Here are pictures from this past week, in random order of course! It was sooo nice to have dad here for a few days! He got out and away from the office, I got a little break from being 24/7 mommy, and Coy got to know his Grandpa Krisher pretty well. They are great buddies already! Thanks so much dad, it was nice and fun! :)

Logan and Coy being mischevious, and making a mess.

Checkin out the chickens with Grandpa!

He was sitting, facing away from the basket to start off with. Mr. Mobile! Think he wants to "help" like cousin Cole? ;) Which he pretty much already does though. He can utterly destroy a neatly folded basket of clothes in record time!

He LOVES drinking from big cups, though he nearly drowns himself!

He sure loves his Grandpa!

Our sweet almost 7 month old!

His new "thing" is hanging upside down...what a goof!

Here's Coy's first carrot of the year. Obviously left over/ignored from last years garden, and decided to grow again? Anyway...he wasn't TOO impressed with it.

Watchin snowmobile videos. Oooooo Aaaaaah


Janette said...

Grandma wants a copy of the photo with his bear sweater.....sooo cute! You can email it to me and I'll get it printed! Looking forward to seeing you all this week!

Paige's Parents said...

I loved sitting next to you guys yesterday and watching his head bob around! He is sooooooo so so so sososososo stinkin' cute! I just love him. Paige was a real pro at tearing up the laundry basket too - still is! :)