Friday, April 17, 2009

The Hard Workin Farm Boy Song

As many of you know, Logan is (and was for a long time) on the Rosetta Stone ad, claiming "He was just a hard working famy boy. She was an Italian supermodel. He knew he only had one chance to impress her" The ad is in SkyMall, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics....I'm sure you've all seen it, it's everywhere.
Here is a cute song to go along with it :)


Ellen said...

Very, very cute . . . I just can't believe "he's" my brother!!! Love you Logan (and his Italian Supermodel & baby)

Lindsay said...

so THAT'S how it happened... love it! logan, if you had the right to all this... whew! anyway, miss you guys so much- luv ya all! :)