Monday, September 22, 2008


So at 39.5 weeks today, things are still looking good and healthy. We decided not to check for dilation (its not something they do regularly anyway)...just to eliminate any discouragement or over-excitement. Our baby will come either way...wether it be tomorrow...or next week. (SOOO hoping not the latter...)
Tomorrow we meet with our new doula! :) We had one, but she's just come down with strep throat, so we had to look for another one quick. Cheryl is super nice, and has been a doula for 20 years and was so willing to work with us on such short notice...we're excited to meet her!
Well, hope everyone had a good Monday...coming back from conventions and the weekend!


Amber said...

Doula's are wonderful...sending labor vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;)

Anonymous said...

ahhhh.. hang in there honey :-) And enjoy your last few nights of uninterupted sleep....... :-)