Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindsay & Kelvin are having a GIRL! She is going to be the most beautiful, and spoiled chick ever, and we all can't wait! Auntie Sarah & I are already talking about the cute outfits we can get her :) Congratulations guys on your growing princess!


Lindsay said...

hahaha! thanks! btw, i don't know just how girlie this little girl will be- even though i didn't feel her move around much until really recently, she's sure got a wild streak in her- i think she's been more active than cole was at 21 weeks. either she's going to be a tomboy or she's just anxious to hit the mall, i dunno. but yeah- i can't wait to spoil her either! :)

Heather T said...

Yes, a huge congrats on the baby girl! And you aunties will have so much fun shopping for girl stuff!:-)