Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Peaceful...back to Speedway Ave

Wow..what a gorgeous day! After our afternoon nap, we went to Harpers Lake and had a little picnic. It was so nice and quiet, we took another nap there too! Our usual roosting spot was takin, so we settle the blankets down under some different trees...just as nice.

THEN....back to Speedway Ave. Back home to neighbor kids playing DRUMS loudly (as they did last 11:30), barking dogs, and mangy stray cats ripping apart not only the garbage bags, but our GARDEN now too. Sigh....I admire those who live in town and like it.



Justin and Susie said...

Oh lissa! I miss you. I had a good last day. So glad to be done, finally yet again! You still look so cute...I am very jealous. Tell Logan hi!

Amber said... romantic. Take advantage while you can!