Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Baby!

Lindsay and Kelvin are having a baby!!! Congratulations to them....and time to get busy again for the aunts, doing little things excited aunts do!
Our boys will all be best little buddies! (And if it's a girl...thats good too)
Congrats guys! We love you and your little family :)


Heather T said...

Congrats to you as auntie and uncle and congrats to the happy parents as well! We're very happy for them!:-)

Lindsay said...

thanx, hun! i'm SO lucky- my first nephew AND another baby all in the matter of a few months! speaking of auntie stuff, there will be a box soon. trust me... :)

Lindsay said...

oh, and i'm guessing that this one may be a girl. according to the chinese gender predictor, we have a 93% chance of a girl. between the chart and my gut feeling, i was RIGHT about you...! ha. luv ya!