Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Baby's Heartbeat!

Today we heard our baby's heartbeat!! I can still hear the woosh woosh....woosh woosh....woosh woosh from this morning. We also got to see him/her again...this time with arms and legs. We were hoping that we could see him/her dancing and moving around...but I guess it was nap time.

And I have put on 2 "baby pounds" so far! (Feels like a LOT more) I am re-doing my grocery list, and making sure i get ALL the veggies the midwife said I need more of. I think that I'll disguise them all in a soup or something. :D
I am feeling MUCH better....but still have headaches. But hopefully it's just something the chiro can work on.

This weekend was the famous "Chick Days" for Logan. But since there was SNOW on the ground Saturday morning, I guess not as many people were in the spring "cute little chick" mood. So...come buy one..or else Cenex will also be selling EGGS!


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

That's so exciting Elissa. We are so happy for you guys. I'm so glad to hear your feeling better. That always makes the pregnancy so much more enjoyable. Hopefully we will get to see you when you come home.

TruffleLady said...


As far as the headaches are concerned, how much water are you drinking? So much more is required during pregnancy. I drink almost 3/4 of a gallon every day...or try really hard to!

Tim & Melissa said...

Yaaayyy!!! There are not words to describe how awesome it is to hear your baby's heartbeat. That was the highlight of every doctor visit! Glad you're starting to feel better!!

Paige's Parents said...

It's so fun to hear how things are coming along. I remember when I had headaches and my midwife told me that I was just right on schedule. Nice to know they headaches are scheduled into pregnacy huh? :)
I was just wondering if you are coming up for Easter? Remember last year at Easter I was the pregnant one - only much more so.
Hope to see you soon.
- brenda

Heather said...

How exciting!! It's so awesome to be able to hear the little hearbeat and to see the baby!! I'm afraid alot of times headaches come with the pregnancy territory...hopefully they'll subside soon and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy headache free!:-) Congrats again and best wishes!

Amber said...

Are you having the baby at home? I am also getting lots of headaches and nausea....when it's over, we'll forget all about it.

Elissa & Logan said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments. Thanks Audrey...I know water could help, which im drinking an axcessive amount of. Not too good for during work though...leaving every half hour for a RR break! haha.
Brenda, we MIGHT be up...not sure yet. My friend from WI is comming friday night, and then we have to be there sunday night to pick up Ted and Sarah in Whitefish. Maybe see ya :D

Lindsay said...

hey, i'm officially tagging you. your turn to do the "maybe i should..." thingy! it's kinda fun... and you REALLY need something new on your blog...:)
hope you're having fun with everyone there...miss you! can't wait till you come to visit!

Lindsay said...

oh, and no excuses either! i have a fever AND a screaming, clingy 7-month old and i still did it! (luv ya...)