Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Charm the stars..

It's been a while since I've posted anything...due to morning sickness, work, and being just plain hormonal. :D At 10 1/2 weeks, everything is going good...and we're getting more excited every day! What did my ticker say....only 206 more days?? Haha.

Im not sure when people start showing, but i noticed a little tiny bump. Might be all in my head...but when I looked in the mirror,...I saw it. I even flexed to see if it was just pudge...and it was still there!
As far as weird cravings...not too bad. Yesterday however...I NEEDED (i HATE these normally by the way...) store bought hot dogs with cheese in the middle. I woulda DIED for one. Luckly, I have a wonderful husband who went and got them for me!! As soon as I was done with those, I had to walk to the gas station for GUMMY BEARS. Particularly the orange ones. Weird.

Logans in class again...every Tuesday and Thursday night, plus a few "group" project meetings, and weekend classes. Its a tough semester, but hopefully he can get most of his tough classes outta the way before next fall :D

Not wanting to feel like hermits, we finally had some friends over Saturday night. Chelsea and Theron Thompson, Colleen Eoff, Trevor Kolden and us played a few wild rounds of Pictionary (yes...it can get wild) and Rook. Then Sunday was a big potluck at Koldens because dear Alice Miles is heading back to the Phillapeans tomorrow.

Things to look forward to this month :

12 week apt on March 17!

Ted and Sarah are coming!

Naomi is coming!

Selling the truck!! (offer was made today!)

Meeting our new adorable nephew Spencer Russell Braaten!


D & J said...

Craving store bought hot dogs!!?? I think the bump must be in your head! I can't hold my peace any longer. You can't feed those things to our grandchild! To think my son would actually buy them for you?? :-) Love you all!!

Elissa & Logan said...

we knew you would say that! :D

Amber said...

the thought of the hotdogs is enough to make me nauseous....hormones? what hormones?!

Lindsay said...

thanks- we did!! came home and cole was passed out in the pack-n-play...i had a hard time accepting that i wasn't the one putting him to bed. guess they all had a blast... yeah, it was good. we went to macayo's (THE BEST mexican kitchen) and stuff. love you guys:)

Heather T said...

We're just so excited everything is going well with your pregnancy and can't wait to meet little Baby Braaten!! Keep us posted on how you're doing and take care! Logan's a sweetheart to go out and buy you hotdogs....:-) I craved Mexican and Chinese...spicy and salty! Isn't it the coolest thing to begin to see a "bump" even if it's not that evident to anybody else yet??! How exciting!:-)