Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laundry Aid

Since I have sooo much help today, I expect to feel accomplished at the end of the day! Haha...not. I have Huxley again today. Watching me do a little laundry this morning, Huxley learned the yes, clothes go IN the clothes basket. So...he took my new clothes out of their bags and put them into the clothes basket, and drug it to the laundry room. Too bad he's not mine all the time...he could be very useful :D


Amber said...

Hey Elissa, Congrats! Will you be at convention this year:) I think i', going to be due that week or the week after, so hopefully i'll go early. Your blog is cute, and I agree with your passion for children's photography. I've been doing weddings, and i've doen seniors, families, and maternity. Children are my number 1 favorite, and then comes maternity. I think pregnancy and birth are so beautiful, and if you have a passion for something, it shows up in your prints. I think you're really lucky to have a studio offered for your use...I'm so jealous. I bought a backdrop with a stand, so I either set it up in my living room, or I take it to the clients house and set it up there. It work great. Take care of yourself, and nap whenever'll need it. Amber

Heather T said...

Hey Elissa! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I saw your post on Amber's blog and that is GREAT!! We'll look forward to hearing how everything is going....wish you the best! Heather

Melissa said...

Hey Elissa...I've heard that congratulations are due to head your way!!! That's awesome!! When are you due? Hope everything is going well thus far!