Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the little swimmin jailbird

We flew in to the cities Thrusday morning (the 3rd) and checked into our hotel... The Hilton (thank you Cenex!). Logan had to spend the next few days at a buying show a few blocks away, so Katie Pedersen and I took the oppertunity to have some much needed, long awaited girl time! So we shopped around freezing downtown, and swam while catting about the past few years that we haven't spent together!

Friday afternoon, Kelvin arrived, and thed 3 of us, plus a co-worker of Logans went to the MN Wolverines Bball game. Even though we thought they played similar to high school teams, we DID however, enjoy joining Minnesotans howling. As soon as the game was getting over, we rushed through the SkyWays to get back to meet Mom, Dad, Linsday & Cole, Sarah, Ted and his friend Katie. SOOOOO good to see everyone again! We spent Saturday spending time together (except poor Logan, out buying Penzoil) and playing games. Ever play Battle of the Sexes? Excellant cant tell how much you actually know until you play! :)

It was fun seeing Cole have his second day of "solid foods"!! He did fairly well, even with the 2 team effort to get the job done!!
Once I get more pictures from Dad and Lindsay, I'll have to post more family pictures.
Hope everyone has had a good start to the new year!


Farmer's Wife said...

Hey, that sounds like A LOT of fun! Happy New Year to you guys! Sounds like it's off to a great start.

Lindsay said...

hey hun- just noticed, that wasn't cole's 2nd day of cereal- he started on 12/20. he sure acted like it was his 2nd, tho- what a goof. anyhoo, check us out:!
love you!