Thursday, August 7, 2014


There seems to be a whole movement of "wild and free" lately, and I can't help but LOVE the sudden acceptance of kids being wild. Being free to to be wild

Not the undisciplined kind of wild, but wild imagination, noise, crazy kind of play that awesomely enough, only kids understand. 

The wild boys are in a boy hideout as I sit nearby in the shade and blog. Adults are not allowed, unless it's to rescue babies, says the captain. They're running to and from the garden, collecting green beans and onions that pass as brownies and pancakes. The tball set-up is getting whaked as they shout "touch down!" without a care or knowing that in a world of rules and critics, they'd be dead wrong. The play set is a rodeo stand, it's a deer stand, it's the Titanic. 

Oh, to be a kid again. It makes my heart sing just watching them <3


Sandy said...

Aw, you've been posting and posting and I haven't been checking! So fun to get caught up now...thanks for sharing YOU and your boys with us! :) I love how you keep it real and shared (most of all) the joys, but even some of the hair-pulling moments. ;) Thanks for loving your place in life--love you for it! :)

Elissa & Logan said...

Aw it warms my heart you're still reading :D So happy to see you this summer, and know you're closeby! And yes, the hair-pulling moments

Anna said...

your boys have the best childhood any kid could ask for!!! I love the jumping-off-the-crate one... once again, should be on a wall! :)