Monday, July 9, 2012

 Wow, so summer has finally hit! And it hit us hard....just like most of the country. 96 degree days seem perfect for the pool, but actually keep this momma and her little ducklings inside...that's just TOO hot for me!

We've sure had some special days this past month :) Conventions - Ronan and Manhatten, much valued family time with my parents and Sarah & Chase, fun weekend with Logan's family too, and just a lot of days that leave my heart softened by the time evening comes.

Most of these pics are on Facebook, but here they are again:

We spent a weekend up in Kalispell with Ellen & Kids, and Kenny & Lichen. We got to celebrate Baylon and Kennys birthday, and have quality cousin time and piggy time! Quiana got cuddly with this little piggy :)

 We also got to help celebrate Jaci's 4th birthday in their brand new place in Kalispell! Gorgeous cake, gorgeous birthday girl and gorgeous house!

We just had our hay cut and baled last week and before it got sold out of the field, the kids had a 'hay'day with them! Between using the bales to feed animals and dancing on their stage made out of hay, we discovered these square bales are good for more then just feeding to animals. Who knew, huh? ;)

Our 3 little boys :)

Mom and Dad came out to our place after a refreshing (but hot) Manhatten convention. Here we are taking a 'hike' on the trails at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Those 2 little boys rarely let go of the soft hand of a Grandpa or Grandma :)

 On the 4th of July, we partied with my parents, Pablo & Olga, and Lyle & Bonnie Coleman. Cody, Chance & their cousin Tara were the f'work masters. The little kids were thrilled!! We ended the night watching the best lights of all....the big white moon that never fails to rise!

Also at RMEF, we saw again Uncle Aaron's plaque. I love thinking of him up in the wilderness, or leading the horses when I read this. He was a calm man, always with a little smirk of a smile whenever I saw him :) down fall lately? (Among many) PINTEREST! It's been 'the thing' for a while now, but man cruel is it? All these yummy coffee cakes recipes, casseroles, fancy drinks, super clean organized laundry rooms, dream houses......HOW much temptation can a girl take? ;) But seriously, there are some really yummy recipes on there. I forsee paper cookbooks becoming extinct soon. All you need in Pinterest.
 Kase is now 9.5 months old, and all day I hear "No Kase!" "Kase, that's MINE" with the occasional thump on his little head by a big bro. The poor little guy is on the bottom of the totem pole, but his persistant squeel seems to lift him up to a level of phenominal power. Funny, huh? The smaller they are, the more powerful they are :) He's got 6 BIG teeth now and it's changed his look! This baby mastermind always has us looking for him when he's quietly dissappeared and kissing his chubby cheeks because he'll laugh at just about anything!

Anyway....Bentley has his mud boots on and is jiggling the door knob (a very farmiliar sound, even this early in the morn) so I better get my shoes on too and head to the mailbox to mail a diaper order.

Have a good week and stay cool!!


Mariah said...

Aw, great to get caught up on your sweet family... it's still neat to read a blog even though we see pictures on Facebook. :) And I absolutely adore Pinterest. I look at what I have in my fridge, type that in the search bar, and get crackin' on supper. It's awesome. I actually made parmesan-basil turkey the other night that was incredible! I'll have to post my recipe sometime soon. Anyway, thanks for the update!

Alison said...

The quote is great. Was that one of Aarons quotes? I know Sandy said he kept journals and wrote a lot of his thoughts. I know what you mean about him being calm and his "little smirk of a smile". :)