Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I know.....another diaper post ;)

Do you cloth diaper, know someone who does, or thought about and wanna give it a shot? Now's your chance!

Click on the picture below and enter your name to WIN a Lorax cloth diaper in honor of Earth Day!


sarah said...

Hi Elissa! I have 3! neices/nephews "in the makings".... Anna, of course, and Stephens sister Julie is expecting twins! Also, Stephens cousin Simon and his wife Maddie are expecting! I would love to be entered into your drawing for the Lorax Diaper... It would make an AWESOME baby gift... and Hey, If my name gets picked, your product could go international... :) Pretty good marketing/ advertising there.. eh? ;)
Love ya and miss ya!

sarah said...

Just entered my name.. Ive got my fingers and toes crossed ;)

Elissa & Logan said...

Wow, you're a lucky aunt! If you win, how will you ever choose who to send it too?? :) I've sold into Canada, so I claim to have gone international already ;)

I tried sending you a pic text the other day...but I think I have your house number instead of a cell? I'll have to get it from Mary and try to re-send