Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 'T' Word

We realize it was inevitable but now it's here, and way too soon :(

It's teething time for baby Kase.

This cute t-shirt is a warning, but he's nothing to be afraid of quite yet. Not too cranky (he's been our most pleasant baby!), we just miss that constant grin.

I first saw a tiny white dot the size of a pin head two weeks ago, and it's getting bigger and bigger. Poor chum!

We are thinking of our sweet nephew Remington, as he had surgery this week. Huge, strong hugs and kisses to him, his mom and daddy and sibs!
2 more weeks and he will be ONE!


Alison said...

Ahhhh, just love the teeshirt. So cute. Thinking of your sister and family so much! Just popped over to her blog recently and feel SO for them. Hugs and all the best to sweet little Remington.

Jessie K said...

I love the shirt!