Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Story

Here was our Valentines Day week :

This is how our Valentines Day card picture taking really went..

Love Farm To Market Pork bacon? You'll love them seriously to the moon and back in these breakfast cups!

Below are the boys with their Valentine Hearts that Grandma & Grandpa Krisher sent! They are so beautiful when the sun shines thru them!

On Tuesday, Logan took the big boys to work with him for the morning... :) ... and Kase and I had a special lunch with Olga & Clara. I brought a diaper i made to have Clara model it..she was so cute in it!

And what 3 year old doesn't want to learn all about RADON? This was (still is) Coy's bedtime book of choice.... "Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon"

Oh man, these boys all crack m up!

We are back from a fun trip to the Pig Farm, and now my living room is taken over by dirty laundry. Yes, they are alive!


Jessie K said...

Laundry breeds overnight, I swear it does!!!

You are funny, lady! Sounds like you're doing well! :D

Sandy said...

I always love how your blog posts have as much pictures as words!! :) Always gives me smiles! Thanks, Lissa!

Brendon and Katie said...

LOVE that diaper!! And the cuuuute kids of course! :) <3

the homestead girl said...

Wow! Can NOT belive how your boys have grown! So fun to catch up with you guys!!