Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monkey #2 is 2

It is incredible to think that just 2 fast years ago, Bentley Armour was born into our lives!

Then, it was his perfect little lips and long fingers that had our hearts beating so fast. Today, it's his crazy spikey hair (which I actually cut last night :( ) and his deep dimples and somehow incredibly cuuuute front teeth. And his goofy, care free manor. Care free, yet able to go from 0 to 10 in the "Toddler Fit" scale in about 2 seconds.

You will never see him without his paci - or his big brother, Coy.
When I posted this picture on facebook 2 years ago, a friend said he's got a "built-in best friend"...and that's proved so true! Bentley has such a unique little personality and style of his own, but he never lasts long without his big bro.

Does he not just absolutely melt your heart?

Looking at the picture again just makes me heart skip a beat, then swell right up! And now, he can turn any frown upside down pretty quickly. And can vanish any fear and sadness.

Ha, he still looks like this when he sleeps! Lips squished out...eyes closed tight, but eyebrows somewhat raised.

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Bentilee Boo Boo!


Amanda said...

happy birthday bentley!

Janette said...

Love this 2 year picture of Bentley and the new one on the side of your do a great job of capturing his emerging personality! Yes, he loves living in his brother's shadow....but he is a unique and sweet (at least he can be) "Bentilee Boo Boo"!