Sunday, September 18, 2011


Broken...what's broken? My water?

Haha, nope. Wishful thinking :)

In that department, the count-down is down to 12 days. And the day's almost I'll say 11 days because that sounds much better! lol.

It's the computer that's broken, thus no way to post pictures we've been taking these past few weeks. Logans got his work computer home and the boys are busy getting wound up before bed time, so this is the perfect time for me to sit here and get this job done :)

We've had a few fun outings...

We met Anna & her tots, Gramma Mary, and Olga & little Clara for a picnic and carousel ride.
All the Pheifer & Braaten kiddos!
(Ella, Jaci, Aaron, Bentley, Coy, Tessa)

Bentleys new thing is JUMPING! And BOUNCING! And SKIPPING! Everywhere! Logan and I had to laugh the other night as we were getting the kids ready for bed because B was bouncing off the walls (almost literally) and hopping everywhere. Hopping to go brush teeth. Galloping to get a book. Jumping to the bed. He's got jumping beans in his pants...I'm sure of it! And these little benches at the park were a bouncin boys' paradise!

Sweet little Clara!

Love Bentley's wrong-moment-to-take-pic face here :) We were riding the carousel, each surprisingly happy to be on the OWN horse! (Which is good for me, because I can hardly fit just myself on a toy horse!) Both the boys threw their hands up in the air and immedeatly started yelling "Rodeo! Rodeo!" when the thing started moving. I didn't tell Bentley his "rodeo" horse had pink ruffles on it....

This was Clara's first ride! She was a little skeptical at first, but ended up pretty smiley by the end.

Gosh, can you believe that this sweet little boy will be 3 in two weeks? Time is flying sooo fast I hate to think of how fast the next 15 years are going to go! He's doing great at potty training! For the first week at it, anyway :) He's got his big boy undies on when we're at home and not sleeping. He's got a good handle on running to the potty chair *just in time*, but have yet to have a sucessful dirty duty on the chair. He loves emptying the pot into the big potty and flushing it, washing hands, then running to the fridge where we keep his chart and stickers. And of course...where we keep the treats... ;)

He's usually a cowboy, but lately Coy's been a puppy. Almost like a real puppy in fact...piddling on the floor (accidents of course), begging for a bone, and BARKING! I finally told "the puppy" to stop barking and he's pretty obedient. But yesterday he asked permission to start barking. Pretty sure that's the most well behaved puppy ya ever did see!

Three little chums :)

We took the rail off of Bentleys crib and now he's in a toddler bed! Last night was the first night and he did really good! Except for the early morning wake-up we got.....two very giggly boys intruding our nice warm bed long before we were ready to get up! That's one major benefit to an encaging crib railing...they dont get out until you LET them out.....haha!

Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant! We are getting so excited about birth day! I had been too busy and tired to imagine what this little guys birth might be like, unlike with the others where I thought and dreamed about it months afore time. However, when downloading a relaxing album for labor, I started to dream of it.......and got scared! In a panic, I began thinking "I CAN'T DO THIS! It's going to hurt! I'm going to be too tired!!" I called Logan at work, crying and feeling overwhelmed....and Im so so so thankful my husband has faith in me and is so encouraging! NOW, I remember the strenght I got, power I felt, and how amazing it was to birth two children naturally before. And I CAN DO IT again! Im looking forward to it again now, with less anxiety.

Until labor starts...then I'll probably start to panic a little again. :)

These 3 boys make my life so complete...and fun....and interesting :)
And soon it will be 4 boys!


RodneyAmanda Braaten said...

excited to hear of the little one's arrival! you can do it, super momma! :)

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

House of sonshines! Good luck... :) You CAN and WILL do it!

Melissa said...

Anxious to hear of the wee one's arrival! And Logan is absolutely will do amazingly awesome, Elissa! You just wait and see ;)


Anna said...

you won't panic when labor starts, you will be relieved that pregnancy is coming to an end! The greatest disappointment for me was how late my third came (as you know!)... so I think you better make your countdown 21 days instead of 11, just so you don't get discouraged! :)

Sandy said...

Have thought of you lots and lots 'Lissa, and will be thinking of you more and more! Thanks for sharing all you do! Hugs!

Heather T said...

your little family is so adorable! can't wait to hear when the other little guy arrives! i'm sure you'll do wonderful...thinking of you and wishing you a speedy delivery!;0)