Saturday, August 13, 2011

8 Second Fun

Nothin gets our little guys blood pumpin more then a gallop to the rodeo! (Or "Raaaaaaadeoooooo" as they shout as they jump around the living room, and Coy tackles Bentley and pretends to calf rope him. groan.) We attempted the rodeo at the fair Thursday night, despite my rediculous coughing and contractions, and lasted about half-way thru, which was sufficient enough for the kids :)

During the event, this is what the kids faces are like....staring in awe...but then errupt when the cheering starts!

Coy waits and waits for something to fly out of the chutes. In between rides, he asks "Another one comin out?" Yes son, please wait a least! Then another bronc and rider come out, then "Another one comin out?" Patience does not run in this little cowboys blood when it comes to this!

Since I've been laid out flat all week being sick, the boys have been super bored and impatient with my boring-ness. So today we made a tent. "The biggest tent ever!" according to Coy. Which was pretty cool for all of about 10 minutes, of course. And how awesome is this mom to even let them have a snack in the tent! :)

Sometimes their attention span reminds me of the 8 second ride ;)

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