Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sleep On This!

We got a new bed on Friday, and have been sleeping on amazing-ness ever since!

It seems so huge compared to our FULL size bed we've been sleeping on since we got married!

So, here's to hoping our new bed will be less stress on my poor pregnant, aching back!

And it not, who cares because we sleep really good on it anyway :)

We still have pillow and skirt issues, so it's not as cute and decorated as I think it should be... ;)
And certainly doesn't go with the purple walls. But like I said, who care, It's Comfy To Care!

But for the kids, it's given more owies then ever. They tend to forget that it's about a foot higher then our other one...making the easy slide-off far more complicated then that.


Ben, Kara, Taylor and Hailey said...

sounds comfy! and i like your bedspread! the kids love playing on our bed too.

Brooklyn Michiri said...

NO WAY!! That is the bedding we have on our registry! I love it:]

Elissa & Logan said...

that's awesome, brooke! we've sure got good taste in decorating, i'd say! ;)