Monday, February 9, 2009

growing baby. 4 months

Today Coy weighed in
17 lbs 5 oz and 25.5 inches

We got the o.k to try cereal! I was a little leary of it, but tonight we tried a tsp or so of rice cereal. He definately knows how to eat it, and didn't mind it too much. He even grabbed the spoon himself! It was pretty cute.
Were not too thrilled with our pediatrician. Coy gets up 5-7 times a which he said was perfectly normal. Normal? I would think that at least 2-3 times for a 4 month old was more normal. Also, he is not a fan of the family bed, and didn't hesitate to mention so...and linked every issue to that. However, Coy is super healthy, and pretty strong! It's so encouraging to see that he's advanced and thriving!


Kari Hagbom said...

Elissa, way to go! I am curious how big Bergen is right now too.. you've inspired me to go in for a well baby. :) Sorry about the 5-7 times a night! Lars was like that, for a long time. I don't know if had to do with family bed or not. Bergen has been better, though. Lately I put him to sleep in a bassinet at first and he sleeps 4-6 hours straight. When he wakes up, he spends the rest of the night with us. But at least I've been getting that first stretch, which is so nice! And I still get the rest of the night to cuddle him. :) Best of both worlds!

Ellen said...

I'm so glad Coy is healthy and thriving. Trapper always started out in his bed and then spent a few morning hours in our bed. I kind of agree, the best of both worlds, because those hours with no kid in the bed are nice.

I must admit though, Josh is gone for a couple of days and I just put Quiana in my bed. I don't get to cuddle her as much anymore since she sleeps in her own bed - so maybe tonight - and then back to her bed!

Miss you guys!

Ben, Heather & kids said...

Ah.. peds! Ours is pretty good, his 'fill=in' is TERRIBLE!!! As long as Coy is healthy and growing don't sweat it.
When Benji was a baby, he ate EVERY 2 hours; around the clock. He also slept in his own crib, because, ' can't let your baby sleep with you!'.
The other 3 (ate less often than Benji); sometimes they'd start out in their crib (in our room) or they'd start out in our bed. I ended up sleeping MUCH better with them right beside me. We heard 'flack' from alot of ppl, but I didn't care.
Not sure how you feel about nuks?! I used them with our kids, to hold off feedings. It won't be long and he won't get up for feedings.. at all. Sleepless nights aren't fun, but it'll pass by quickier than you want. :)

Lindsay said...

he looks so happy, eating "big boy" food- can't wait to see you guys; 5 days! :) love you!

Elissa & Logan said...

hey ladies! most of the time he starts out in the bassinet and then switches to our bed after the first feeding. except for lately...cause he's too loud right by our ears!!
heather-we do have a nuk, but he usually doesn't use it to go to sleep. of these nights...and it's going to feel like a miracle :)