Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Sweet Baby Boy-

Just Chillin. He used to only take Soothie pacifiers, but lately has not been as picky. Good for us...since when he's screaming theres not always a soothie nearby.

This morning Coy smiled at daddy!! I of course didn't get a good picture of it...but here's the very end of a little smile :)

Here he is meeting cousin Paige. She loves him, and will make an excellant babysitter someday! It's so cute - after meeting she'll help Logan "carry" the car seat, but hanging onto the handle.
Ok, so he's now getting INTO sitting in the bathtub! He'll just sit there, lounging in the warm water, with the most content look on his face, not caring about politics! Maybe we should all take nice warm baths if this is the way it works! :)


Lindsay said...

he gets cuter every time you post- kelvin says he wants to hold him, but cuddling the computer just doesn't work, haha. can't wait to see you guys... love you!!!!

Lindsay said...

glad you got a good laugh- it WAS pretty hysterical! i was still laughing while i was posting it... miss you guys and can't wait to see you!!!

Heather T said...

What a little cutie pie! I'm sure you're enjoying him!:-) Wish you were here so we could meet him in person! We'll settle for pics for now, though...;-)

Paige's Parents said...

I love this picture it is so cute! She most definitely loves Baby Coy! When you guys walked into gospel meeting last week she was sooo excited and yanked my head around to see you.