Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute Cords

Coys little courduroy pants finally fit him we wore them to meetings today!

He's starting to be awake a lot more...unfortunately between the hours of 3 am and sunrise. And today when he was in his swing, he was looking up at the mobile of lambs and stars. He also looked up at daddy's face when he was talking! He's changing so much already! We love it!

Logan had class this morning, so just Coy and I got to meeting...and he did good for the whole 35 minutes that meeting lasted. After gosple meeting we went to a park and took the Colemans kids pictures. It was fun..and they're so cute which made it all the better. Uncle Kenny stopped by on his way thru and we went to pizza hut for a quick supper. I think Coy likes him...especially since he fed him supper from a bottle!

Well, we're ready for another week here...hope everyone else is! Happy Fall..and better stock up on candy this week for the upcoming trick-or-treaters!

p.s. Loving congratulations to Susie & Justin on your engagement!


Anonymous said...

susie and justin who? :-)

Lindsay said...

he's so cute! it's so much easier to brave mtg by yourself when they're still tiny... miss you!

Amber said...

Cute...his face is sure changing.

Elissa & Logan said...

my friends susie and justin...she was my bridesmaid for our wedding.

Justin and Susie said...

Aww, thanks Lissa :)

Ellen said...

We love him so much!