Thursday, August 28, 2008

36 week appt

Well, today we had our 36 weeks appt with our midwife. The baby has slowed down a bit..because Im measuring right at 36 weeks, where before I had always measured about 3 weeks furthur. So thats good. Maybe he wont be so big after all ?? :)
Im hardly dilated at all yet, but 70% effaced! We cant wait until our next appt, next Friday, to see how close we are THEN.. :)


Ashley said...

We can WAIT until he gets here! We're dying to see pictures! Hugs!

Amber said...

Yeah!! Effacement is the first (and most important) step leading to labor! Maybe you'll beat me?

Lindsay said...

lucky you- i dilated first and then started effacing... easier your way, i think! then again, there's a LOT of things that made my labor not so smooth... lesson learned. can't wait to hear more, keep us posted! like, every day? :)

Unknown said...

Sweet Elissa;
Your blog & thoughts are one of the best! Plus having you & Logan close by, is the BEST! Mary