Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We are enjoying a nice few days up in Kalispell, and this morning Logan fixed the snowmobile enough so that we could ride alittle out in the pasture.

All of Mary's grandkids were here this past week, so with all the kids here, they wanted pictures!! A guy that taught me at RMSP this summer has a childrens studio, which he let us borrow. I was really excited, but really nervous, but it was a huge HONOR to be trusted by a professional! So...here are some of them.

WOW! What a challenge! We nearly accomplished Grandma Mary with ALL 8 grandkids! But after all this, I STILL want to be a childrens photographer!


Allegra Montana said...

Hey Thats me!!!!! Thanks for takig our pictures Lissy!

-Addie Gabhart

Auntie Keisha said...

The pictures look great!!!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love them all!! :o)

Jesse and Brenda Hedeen said...

Hey guys! I checked out the photography website - very nice! I think that is wonderful. I can't wait to have you take some pictures of Paige sometime. We'll make a special trip to Missoula sometime for a session!