Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Timberline Farm Fun

Visitingi Naomi @ UWOshkosh...just like old time :D

Picking Apples....and Corn with Mom and Dad

Becca Lake

Dad took off work Wednesday, and we had a Father-Daughter breakfast of pancakes and bacon, then went four-wheelin in the woods. Wow....I can't believe what I'm missin out here! haha.

Monday morning Logan and I went to the lake, and went canoeing. That's a real bonding experience....;)

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Ellen said...

Josh & I had a real bonding experience the first time we went canoeing! It was when we were dating though - not sure why he didn't get rid of me then, but what would we do without memories, right!?

Miss you guys - glad you made it back. Little Cole is just a cutie.

All our Love - CA Cundalls